About Me

Hello & Welcome to My Blog!

I come from a "crafty" family and have felt the creative urge for as long as I can remember.  From drawing and painting, to needlecrafts, I dabble in it all, but papercrafting...particularly card making...is my passion.   I also have a tendency to hoard away craft supplies and have been trying to overcome my aversion to cutting into the "good" paper...hence I am the Paper Squirrel!   I love all things vintage and my creative style often reflects this, however, I am not hard and fast vintage.   I also enjoy working with more modern and masculine themes, and often incorporate collage and altered objects into my projects.

I am a life-long resident of the great state of Michigan, and currently live in Southeast Michigan with my “boys”…my husband, infant son, and two crazy cats.   I completely lost my crafting mojo while pregnant and am just now getting back that creative itch.   I play in the studio (basement) whenever I get bits of free time (which isn't much, but I'll take any I can get!).

The Boy Cats...

Oliver (Ollie) - 15 years old
El Diablo, Mr. Green Eyes,
Bubby, The Grey One
Dodger (Dodge) - 4 years old
 Dodgeball, Chewbaca, 
The Orange One