Saturday, November 19, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Every year for my mom's birthday, my sisters, mom, and I go on a shopping trip.  We usually stay in Michigan, but have also included trips to Chicago and San Antonio for these girls' weekends.  This time, we visited the Port Huron area on the eastern edge of the state, directly across the St. Clair River from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

We met up last Friday and spent the day and evening shopping the quaint downtown boutiques in Lexington, Michigan.  For such a small town, they have some great little shops (definitely hit Noble, Irish Rose, and The Town Shoppe).

Here we are...taking in some refreshment after shopping all day and most of the evening!

We also stopped in Trash to Treasures antique store on the edge of town where I hit pay dirt on some great items to alter!  Can't wait to start in on these babies!

Saturday was spent in Port Huron at the Mary Maxim retail store.  My mom is a knitter and has ordered from Mary Maxim for as long as I can remember.  We also shopped several of the major craft stores that day and got kind of silly with some of the novelty hats.

Here's my mom and me at her birthday dinner.  I hope I look that young when I'm her age!

And finally on Sunday, we wrapped things up with a quick stop at a local flea market that I won't name because frankly, it was pretty gross.  BUT, we did find some treasures in all the grime and mess.  My sisters found books and trinkets and I found these fab-o aluminum cookie cutters that I plan on making into Christmas ornaments. 

So much to alter and so little time until the big day gets here!  Better go get started...hope you enjoyed the travel log of our treasure hunting adventure!

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  1. Yes, well here's a tip: don't go to the bathroom otherwise your sisters will get all the good stuff out of the trunk! LOL...always a great time shopping and hunting with you!!


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