Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Vacation Scrapbook Pages

In addition to cards, tags, collages, etc., I also scrapbook and since I haven't yet shared any layouts, I thought I'd start with some summer ones. 

August 2009 was a month packed full of vacations for fact, I took three!  Now, normally, I would not plan these things on top of each other, but when you're dealing with mulitple people's / family's schedules, you take what you can get!

The first vacation is my usual week at my sister's house "up North".  She lives on a beautiful natural lake and we spend the week crafting, swimming (if the weather cooperates), walking the trails, shopping in town, etc.  This week is total relaxation and fun...we don't usually take pictures because, well, we don't do much with ourselves unless we're going into town!  So, no scrapbook pages for this one.

The second was a trip to the Grand Traverse Bay region of Michigan's upper lower pennisula.  It is gorgeous there!  And if you like wine...specifically white wines...this is a place you want to visit!  While there, we took a sunset dinner cruise on the bay on the schooner Manitou. 
Full layout
Left page
Right Page

I love adding pieces of memorabilia like this advertisement clipping from a tourist magazine that I picked up during the trip.

During the sail, it rained just enough so that a rainbow formed.  It was beautiful...can you see it?

More layouts from this trip and from Vacation #3 coming in the days ahead.
Do you have summer travel plans?

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