Saturday, July 16, 2011

Street Fair Finds

Every year I look forward to the Wyandotte Street Art Fair.  It's on the small side...just big enough to not be exhausting...but is in lovely downtown Wyandotte, Michigan and features great art booths, yummy fair food, and entertainment.  I snagged a couple items today.  I'm always drawn to the jewelry vendors and today I found a simple sterling silver ring that will become a wardrobe staple.

I also had my eye out for some pottery...specifically an Ikebana vase.  I coveted my sister's vase the last time I was at her house and while I didn't find one quite like hers (still want one like that), I found this pretty one from Stone Fence Pottery.  Loved that booth...not sure if it was because of the gorgeous pottery or the hunky young German master potter.  :-) 

While it was HOT, it was a lovely day at the art fair!  Hope you're enjoy the treats and festivities of summer as well.


  1. So why don't we get to see a photo of the hunky german potter?

  2. Very nice. I did you at least flirt with the hunky german potter? lol


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