Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mom's Day Gift Idea: Collage Card Tin

If you haven't shopped yet, here's another handmade gift idea for mom...you have 4 days, that's plenty of time! 

I gave my mom this card tin for Mother's Day a couple of years ago.  The outside is collaged with all kinds of goodies (some of my best buttons...*choke*...but she IS my mom, after all).  The inside contained dividers and a selection of handmade cards.  


The gold '"frame" was cut from metallic cardstock using my Cricut.

Most of the images came from ephemera paper packs...these can be really handy!  Of course, this was before I knew about the Graphics Fairy and all the other amazing blogs with wonderful free images...

Left side



Adding decorative paper to the top can be tricky.

The bow is actually hiding a seam in the paper.  I found it was easier to work in two pieces.  I also mitered the corners of the lace stickers for a cleaner appearance.

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  1. Pictures don't do this project justice! It's beautiful. And with the inside filled with cards, it's a great gift.


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