Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Organization: Great Storage Box!

When you have a stash of crafting goodies--especially with a stash the size of this squirrel's--you have to be organized.  I have had one of these Darice storage boxes for a while now and it has become my absolute favorite for several reasons:
  1. Holds a lot!  There are 48 compartments.
  2. Slim and easy to stack / store / travel.
  3. The lid has grooves so that embellishments stay in their respective compartments.
  4. The bottoms of each compartment are rounded so you can easily remove those tiny embellishments.
  5. Extremely durable.  I've had mine for at LEAST five years and it looks brand new.

Since every crafter/artist is continually looking for great organization tips, I wanted to share my love of this box.  It's good for small to medium-sized embellishments like buttons, brads, eyelets, get the idea.  I purchased the box at Crafts 2000 in Monroe, MI, but since it's Darice, I'm sure you could find it in other stores or online.  I know it's still available because, as you see, this one's brand new...yep, bought two more of these babies on Friday.  Note that the label says "Jewelry Designer", so be sure to check the jewelry aisle!


  1. Oh yes, this box is my organizational savior. I have about 10 of them stacked on my rack and have all kinds of little embellies squirreled away. (Two are dedicated just to TH!) Honestly, I can't imagine life without them. :)

    These days they are available at Michaels, although they seem to sell out often locally.


  2. I have four with all my "thick" embellishments in them. I have the alphabet broken down and Labeled onthe top A - L etc..... Bling being a B thing is in this box.....:D cheers!


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