Thursday, May 19, 2011

Technique: Mod Podge Image Transfer

The Graphics Fairy led me to the tutorial for this amazing technique HERE at Distressed Decor and I just had to try it.  This was my first attempt and I will be incorporating this into more projects for sure.   
The Details:
  • I had this wooden bowl in my stash and thought it would make an interesting "nest" with the help of the Graphics Fairy image.
  • First, I painted just the inside and edges of the bowl Wedgewood Green (all paint colors listed are Delta acrylic).
  • Next, I dry brushed on Burnt Umber and Raw Linen for a nice distressed look. 
  • Using an old toothbrush and slightly watered down Raw Linen, I added some speckling by raking my thumb along the bristles so that the paint flies off the brush in small droplets.  This is messy, make sure to set your piece in a cardboard box to prevent over spray.  (I do it in my laundry tub, then just rinse the paint away.)
  • After the paint was completely dry, I followed the tutorial for applying the image with Mod Podge.
  • Once the image was transferred and the paper removed, I applied four additional coats of Mod Podge to the inside of the bowl.  Because I used a concave bowl, my image wrinkled a bit, so I used the several layers of Mod Podge to fill in and create a smooth finish.
  • I wanted the outside of the bowl to keep its natural wood grain, so I just rubbed on black antiquing gel as a stain and used the Mod Podge as a sealer.

Isn't it cute?  I'm going to use it on my bedroom dresser to hold my watch and other trinkets.  Have fun creating with this great technique...the possibilities are endless!


  1. This came out AWESOME! I saw that technique and wanted to see someone else do it before I tried it! LOL! But now I TOTALLY want to do it!

  2. This is gorgeous! Thank you for the step by step. I really appreciate that.

  3. Yes, I was very nice your bowl! and thanks for showing the material they work!

  4. What a great project- I have not tried anything like this before...! Love the step by step and I have to go check out the tutorial!

  5. Lovely! I've got a lot of Mod Podge just sitting around, so I MUST try this!

  6. This is so gorgeous.
    Lynne M

  7. What a great project, am going to be looking for some unique wood shapes. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  8. This is fabulous. Thanks for the link to the tutorial too. I shall definitely be giving this a try.
    Jack xx

  9. This is gorgeous! Think I will have to check out the link to the tutorial! Thank you!

  10. This is terrific! Off to look at the tutorial now,

    Lucy x

  11. Fantastic! I'm going to check out the tutorial asap.

  12. Oh my, this is so beautiful!!! Thanks so much for linking this gorgeous piece up to Brag Monday!

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  14. This is really amazing! I love how it turned out, it looks vintage to me and so interesting!

  15. That is so cool!! I love what you did and the look of the transfer ~
    Thank you for showing us how you did it!


  16. Thanks so much for sharing! I just got a round wood bowl at a garage sale for a dollar that I was going to paint but I like this so much better! I am going to leave the edge natural like you did and just do the inside. My bowl is bigger so I may need a bigger nest. How cute is this project! Great job!

  17. This has a pro quality look that still is a one of a kind. I like the idea very much, and have just checked out the tutorial you've linked for us.
    Very nice post. Love the header's motto LOL.

  18. Came here via graphicsfairy. What an awesome project! You really did a fantastic job, thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  19. Love your bowl! So glad the transfer technique worked for you! Tracy (Distressed Decor)


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