Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tutorial: Crepe Paper Carnation

I am so blessed to have spent the day with my mom and most of my family. 
God bless all the mothers!

As I was working on the Mother Peat Pot, I noticed that the crepe paper ruffle looked a lot like the petals of a carnation.  So, inspired, I set out to make a crepe paper carnation flower and you can too, in eight easy steps:
1.  Cut two 6" strips of crepe paper.
2.  Layer the two strips with the top layer approx. 1/8" offset down from the top of the bottom strip.
3.  Fold the bottom edges up to be approx. 1/8" offset down from the edge of the top layer.  It should
     end up looking like this:
4.  Using polyester / cotton blend thread (for strength), and starting approx. 1/8" from the bottom
     fold, run a basting stitch along the entire length.  Be sure you're capturing all layers with your

 5.  Pull the basting stitch together tightly, forming the layers into a ring.  IMPORTANT: make sure that
      the shortest layers are to the inside of the ring, these are your flower's center.  Knot thread.

 6.  Starting with the shortest layer (the center), gently separate the layers, pulling each layer up and
      toward the center.

 7.  Once all the layers are separated and the flower is formed, tap the edges with Distress Ink
      (I used Barn Door DI on pink crepe paper).
 8.  Spray entire flower with watered down walnut ink.  While the crepe is still wet, lightly tap
      the edges to ruffle the edges even more and to form the flower shape you want.  This step
      also bleeds the DI further up into the petals.  Allow to dry.

 Your finished crepe paper carnation flower...easy peasy!

Tip:  Use a stylus to aid in gluing your finished carnation to your project.  Apply a glue dot or two to the back of your carnation and gently press between the petals with the stylus to avoid crushing.

Be sure to stop by again tomorrow for a project featuring this lovely carnation!

Paper:  crepe paper streamer
Inks:  Distress Ink ‘Barn Door’
Tools:  sewing needle; polyester / cotton blend sewing thread


  1. Great flower- love how pretty the ink looks when it bleeds down the tissue paper.

  2. Nice! Who knew crepe paper could be so versatile?!

  3. You made a great discovery!!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Beautiful - will definitely give this a try!

  5. Thanks for the lesson, this makes a really great flower. xx

  6. I have a vague recollection of doing something liek this in Girl Scouts (many decades ago). It's still a good idea!

  7. Great tutorial and lovely canations!


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